Astins Sailing Trophies

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About us

Richard Vasey the sculptor 

Seasoned Laser sailor and Redwing helm, experienced J24 and half tonner crew.

About us

Tina Vasey,

designer at Astins 

Experienced Half Tonner, J24, Enterprise and Tall Ships crew.

Meet Tina & Richard who are the energy behind Astins Trophies ...

Based in Cornwall , Richard and Tina are the driving force behind Astins sailing trophies and their beautiful sculptures and trophies. Richard a highly skilled welder , spent many years working  as a welder within the Oil Industry, in a range of locations. 

On returning to live in Cornwall, Richard decided that he wanted to combine the skills he gained in the Oil Industry with his passion for sailing. His work is highly sought after and can be found in both Art Galleries in the UK and as exhibits in Museums in the States.

Tina, a keen sailor, experienced teacher,and Arts Graduate , plays a creative role, designing both sculptures and awards. Her sculptures have sold in Art Galleries within the UK and can also currently be found within the Indian Occean department of Harrods.

Welding Sculptures at Astins