Astins Sailing Trophies

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Astins Sailing Trophies supply beautiful, handmade, contemporary sailing trophies and Sailing Sculptures which are crafted to reflect a passion for boat design and sailing. 

Highly sought after, these trophies are likely to enthuse any keen dinghy sailor. Whilst usually minimalist in design.At Astins we like to include important key design features so that the trophies reflect the classes being sailed.All the trophies are handmade in marine grade stainless steel, and each one will differ because of this .

It is also possible to add club burgees to sails ,through either engraving or sandblasting, and a range of plinths are also available.

On the website you will see a variety of designs .This range is being updated on a regular basis especially the dinghy award section.If your class is not featured then please get in touch.Commissioning a  sailing trophy or sailing sculpture is very easy and we will consider most dinghy classes.