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Multi Hulls...

At Astins we have a real interest in multihulls. We have been lucky enough to see some of the world's most exciting multihulls up close and because of our interest we have developed a range of multihull  sailing trophies and  sailing sculptures. These range in size and price. For catamaran and trimaran trophies we use two approaches. We create awards with flat plate hulls these are cheaper in price , and always have an accurate sail plan as required. The hulls on a flat plate hull catamaran, or trimaran are 2d and representational.

Trophies and  sailing sculptures with three dimensional hulls are priced accordingly because of the time required to make these.Three dimensional  hulls  are created  to represent the real thing as accurately as the limitations of stainless steel allow.

We are always open to making new designs and if the class you are looking for is not represented we will be happy to create something for you.